2-Part Masterclass:

How to Control Your Emotional Triggers to be a Calmer Parent

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Do you want to stop yelling and reacting to your child with snap criticisms, impulsive punishments, and unintended shaming/negativity, but feel like nothing you've tried has worked?

Many parents feel this way, because emotional triggers are something ALL humans have to deal with...and they come out the MOST with the people we're crazy in love with (aka our kids).

Full disclosure- managing your emotional parenting triggers is a complex process. However, it is SO WORTH the work because it will give you the freedom to be the parent you've always wanted to be.

This is why I'm teaching a special 2- part masterclass solely on the topic of conquering your parenting triggers, next week, Tues 4/26 at 10am CST.

This is a meaty and semi-intense workshop due to it's subject matter, so come ready to face your challenges and a commitment to continue with the journey moving forward.

Here's what you'll walk away knowing after the live (or recorded if you can't make it live) Masterclass:

What is an emotional trigger and where do they come from?

How your thoughts + mindset are helping or hurting your parenting

How to identify and demystify your own personal triggers

How to conquer triggers in the moment with your child

A Trigger Response Plan with exact steps to support yourself when you are emotionally triggered by your child and family

A printable multi-page masterclass guide with a class outline, printable tools, resources, and actionable next steps

Preventative ways to reduce emotional reactivity as a parent

Simply put, you'll walk away feeling empowered to be the mindful conscious parent you want to be (even in times of stress).Write your text here



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